Roundtable Debates

There will be a series of 3 one-day annual scientific conferences - debates organized at the Warsaw School of Economics within the framework of the EUMIGRO project. The title of this series is: The EU facing migrant and refugee crises – a multilevel perspective”.

To develop and strengthen the collaboration of the Warsaw School of Economics as a main organizer of a series of debates with other institutions, some other entities will be invited to be co-organizers or organizational partners of the event, including, e.g. universities, scientific associations, NGOs, offices and representations of the international organizations and the EU, etc.

The cross-sector conferences will be addressed to the representatives of different fields and environments, including: scientists, researchers, other academic and non-academic staff members, think tanks; members of scientific associations; students and PhD candidates; students’ associations and organizations; experts from non-governmental organizations, international organizations, EU and national public administration; immigrants and refugees; policy-makers and civil society.

The debates will help to stimulate open and inspiring discussions on up-to-date and important EU topics concerning migration and asylum challenges in Europe. They will be an occasion to debate crucial issues for the future of the EU and its member states.

The debates will be free of charge and held in Polish.