Workshop at MPI Goettingen: The politics of uncertainty: producing, reinforcing and mediating (legal) uncertainty in local refugee reception - IMISCOE
IMISCOE is the largest European network of scholars in the area of migration and integration. The focus is on comparative research and joint research projects.
2017-06-24 23:31
"You're not Danish"
2017-06-24 16:18
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Call for papers dla doktorantów i doktorów - konferencja o migracjach Ośrodek Kultury Francuskiej UW
EUMIGRO jest partnerem.
Deadline na abstrakty: 30 czerwca 2017 r.
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2017-06-23 18:36


Degree seminar no. 1 under the EUMIGRO project was held on 9th November 2016 at the Warsaw School of Economics. The meeting was attended by both WSE students and PhD candidates from the Collegium of Socio-Economics of the WSE. Dr. Marta Pachocka p... read more

Dr. Marta Pachocka conducted a lecture–workshop titled “The EU facing the migrant and refugee crises” on 4th November 2016 in the framework of Visegrad School of Political Studies (VSPS) – Migration Programme. The 2016 VSPS Annual Progr... read more